Year 11 – Urban Issues and Challenges – Section 3 sample answers

Section 3 – Urban change in cities in the UK leads to a variety of social, economic and environmental opportunities and challenges Describe the population distribution in the UK. Include names of cities and compass points in your answer. Include most and least populated areas. The poplation in the UK is unevely spread. The desest…

Year 11 – Urban Issues and Challenges – Section 2 sample answers

Section 2 – Urban growth creates opportunities and challenges for cities in LICs and NEEs Case study of a major city in a NEE: Mumbai, India Complete the table to show why Mumbai is important regionally, nationally and internationally. Remember you may have to do some of your own research Regionally Nationally Internationally It is…

Year 11 – Urban Issues and Challenges – Section 1 sample answers

You should use the information below to mark and amend your answers for section 1 of the Urban Issues and Challenges homework book. Section 1 A growing percentage of the world’s population lives in urban areas What is urbanisation? a process where an increasing proportion of the population lives in towns and cities (and there…

Year 11 – The Living World Ecosystems Revision

Click here for the knowledge organiser Ecosystems Knowledge Organiser Local ecosystems are often small-scale ecosystems such as ponds, hedgerows or woodlands.  Global ecosystems are large-scale ecosystems such as tropical rainforests, deciduous woodlands or deserts. These are called biomes. Any ecosystem is made up of plants, animals and their surrounding physical environment including soil, rainwater and sunlight….

Iceland Trip

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