GCSE Y11 Sample Population questions

Population  REMEMBER – Use BUGS before answering questions

Box the COMMAND word

Underline any key words

Go back and read the question again

Start a plan or start the question

  1. Explain why the rate of natural increase in poor countries is falling (8)

  2. Suggest why the Indonesian government decided to encourage people to move from Java and Bali to different islands (4)

  3. Suggest why the Indonesia Transmigration policy is not popular (2)

  4. Many countries now have an ageing population. Describe how a country may try to encourage an increase in the birth rate (6)

  5. Describe one or more problem(s) that China’s One Child Policy has caused (8)

  6. Explain how economic factors can cause people to migrate (4)

  7. Describe two ways in which migration within the EU can have positive effects on countries such as the UK (4)

  8. Describe the link between annual population growth and the number of females who are illiterate (cannot read or write) (4)

  9. Outline the impacts of rapid population growth (4)

  10. Explain how a non-birth control policy can help achieve sustainable development (8)

  11. Describe the predicted changes in the UK population structure between 2009 and 2050 (4)

  12. Explain how the problems of an ageing population can affect the future economic development of a country (4)

  13. Draw a labelled sketch of a population pyramid for a country in stage 2 of the Demographic Transition Model (3)

  14. Describe how the structure of a country’s population changes between stages 2 and 4 of the Demographic Transition Model (3)

  15. Account for the strategies adopted by one EU country to cope with an ageing population (8)

  16. Explain the impacts of migration on the receiving (host) country (4)

  17. Use one or more examples to explain why people migrate within the EU (4)

  18. In which stage of the Demographic Transition Model does total population steadily decline? (1)

  19. Explain the impact of population decline on economic development (4)

  20. State one benefit to children and one benefit to the community of educating women (2)

  21. Outline how educating women affects population growth (3)

  22. Discuss and success and failures of China’s population policy since the 1990s (8)

  23. Suggest why the birth rate in many poor countries is falling (4)

  24. What is population density? (1)

  25. What is a ‘refugee’? (1)

  26. In an EU country such as Italy, the arrival of large numbers of refugees may cause problems. Describe two of these problems (4)

  27. Give two reasons why China has a One Child Policy (2)

  28. Outline two possible effects on Poland (or any other country in the EU) of people moving to the EU (4)

  29. Describe the push factors that cause refugees to move into the EU (3)

  30. Explain how increasing education for women can affect annual population growth in poor countries (4)

  31. State two results of rapid population growth (2)

  32. Give one reason why life expectancy in the UK has increased (1)

  33. Suggest one way in which the UK’s population structure is changing (2)

  34. Outline one impact that migration can have on a source country (country of origin) (2)

  35. Outline one social impact of rapid population growth (2)

  36. Outline one economic impact of rapid population growth (2)

  37. Describe the problems caused by China’s population policy (6)


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